Rainforest Tours

Rainforest tours are offered as part of rainforest tourism which has become very popular in those countries which still have rain forest intact. Rainforests tours not only attract environmentalist and conservationists but are aimed at persons who enjoy an adventure. Rainforest tours are for those persons who dare to have a different type of vacation. Rainforest tours are being offered in many parts of the world.

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Rain forest tours give visitors the chance to visit rain forests in many remote parts of the world. In many counties the rain forests are practically nonexistent as industrial development and other types of industries have destroyed many of the world’s forests. Today through programs such as sustainable tourism and eco tourism those countries which still have rainforests are encouraged on ways and means to use the rain forest as a tourism product and still protect it. A rain forest tour is just one of many initiatives in which the rain forests are utilized to provide incomes for locals.

The rainforest hike is one of the best ways to get to know the rain forest. A hike through a rainforest puts a visitor in direct contact with the plant and animal life of the rain forests. Local tour guides are encouraged for this type of rain forest tour as persons who are not accustomed to an area may get lost. Some of the animal life and plants in rain forests can be dangerous and tour guides may be able to provide valuable information. Persons are advised to look for endemic species of plants and animals on rain forest hikes as well as rivers, waterfalls, lakes and caves among other natural features. Rain forest hiking is very popular in the Amazon Rainforests, Australian rainforests as well as in the Caribbean islands.

Adventure tours are very popular and attractive rain forest tours of late, an adventure rain forest tour might include an aerial tram ride, zip lining and rain forest adventure parks. Aerial trams take visitors high above the forest canopy giving them a bird’s eye view of the rain forest from up top. The aerial tram is not for those persons who are afraid of heights. Aerial tram rainforest tours are done in Costa Rica, Jamaica, Dominica and many other countries. Zip lining is another adventure which has become extremely popular. This involves being suspended on a pulley and moving freely on cable high up above and within trees in the rain forest. This provides the ultimate adrenalin rush and gives visitors the chance to see the rain forest. Zip lining is available in most countries which promote rain forest tourism.

Other rainforest tours include bird watching, river cruises in areas like the Amazon which has big rivers flowing through the rain forest, tree climbing and river kayaking and tubing. Rain forest tours are included in packages offered by cruise liners, travel agency and hotels in those countries which offer rain forest tours. Of course visitors can also walk into the offices of a local tour provider and request a rain forest tour which is guaranteed to be unforgettable.