Rainforest Accommodations

Rain forest accommodations are becoming more popular as rain forest tourism has been getting more exposure around the world. Rain forest tourism is popular in countries such as Brazil, Belize, Dominica, New Zealand, Australia and many other countries. Rain forest accommodations includes motels, hotels, lodges, cabanas and for the more adventurous tree houses.

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Many countries around the world are dedicated to protecting the rainforests and in keeping with this theme encourage rain forest accommodations to go green in an effort to preserve the environment. The owners of rain forest accommodations design and build accommodations which will have little negative impact on the rain forests. Many of the rain forest accommodations which is available ensure that these hotels and lodges keep up with the green theme but putting some of the following measures in place: provide power from a renewal resources, hydro and solar are the preferable sources, use biodegradable soaps, toilet paper and shampoos and many aim to provide completely local meals and avoid buying packaged foods for guests.

Rainforest accommodations are able to provide services other than accommodations to guests. Most rainforest accommodations provide guests with wedding packages; cater for educational tours of the rain forests as well as hikes, tours, adventures such as kayaking, aerial tram tours, zip line and tree climbing among other activities. The rain forest accommodations are found in the rain forest or in the peripherals of rain forests which makes it easy to arrange activities which are centered around the rain forests.

Dominica rainforest accommodations are mostly small lodges and hotels which provides accommodations for hikers and other persons who want a truly natural experience which is far removed from city life. The Jungle Bay spa resort is one of the popular rain forest resorts on the island. This resort offers private cabins and exceptional services. Jungle bay has a yoga center and is caters for wedding celebrations and honeymoons. The 3rivers resort is another popular Dominica rain forest accommodation. This local rainforest accommodation is hidden in the forest and as its name suggest is located near rivers. An eco lodge, 3rivers provides great accommodations and local cuisine.

Rain Forest accommodations in Australia can be found all over the small continent but the Daintree rainforest boasts of great rain forest accommodations. Daintree rainforest is a very large forested area in Australia and has many hotels, motels, and lodges providing accommodations for visitors who choose a rain forest vacation. Accommodations in this part of Australia is provided by Daintree magic, Daintree Secret, Daintree Mountain View resort, Daintree Cascades and Eden escape among others.

For a true Amazon experience visitors can stay at one of many Brazil rain forests accommodations. Visitors can choose from treetop hotels, cabanas and other types of accommodations. Brazil rainforest accommodations include the Ariau Amazon Towers, Rainforest Lodge and Amazon village among others.

Rainforest accommodations cater for all different types of visitors, adventurous, honeymooners, families or couples who seek solitude from the fast pace life of the city and developing countries. The rainforest accommodations