Dominica Rainforest Tourism

Dominica rainforest tourism is one of the avenues which the country has been exploring for many years. Dominica’s natural resources are very limited and the country’s vast rainforests and its features have been used to promote tourism on the island for many years. Today Dominica tourism is one of the main income earners in the island’s economy. Dominica is one of the Caribbean islands which promote eco tourism and sustainable tourism.

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Dominica rainforest tourism caters for the adventurous and those persons who are interested in learning about the rainforest animals and plant. As part of its sustainable tourism program and its Community tourism project the island of Dominica has educated communities and developed Dominica community Tourism. This is aimed at developing tourism products in the communities as well as educating the population on how to use local resources without causing any real harm to the environment.

Dominica Rainforest tourism involves rainforest tours to the different rain forests in Dominica. The island of Dominica has several national forest parks which are located in different areas of the island these are namely the Northern rainforest Reserve, The Morne Trois Piton national Park, The Central Forest Reserve and the Cabrits National Park. These parks are protected by very strict laws and are very important to Dominica rainforest tourism. These national parks are home to many birds, insects, butterflies, plants and other animal life which can be found on the island. The national parks which are found in Dominica provide the perfect settings for hiking, bird watching or simply for educational trips.

Dominica rainforest tourism provides adventurous packages for persons who seek the adrenaline rush, in fact Dominica’s tourism is marketed and promoted under the theme Defy the Everyday! For those who seek adventures in Dominica there are many suggestions to consider. The Wacky rollers adventure park may be a place to consider for a real jungle adventure. This adventure park is located near the Layou River and offer adventures such as river tubing, river kayaking, and challenge courses which takes place high up in trees, zip line and more. The park has activities which cater to children and adults.

The island of Dominica has one aerial tram which is opened for visitors to take a look at the rain forest from high up in the trees. This aerial tram takes visitors over part of the Morne Trois Piton National Park. Unforgettable sights to be seen include rivers, waterfalls, plants and animals. Other interesting attractions of Dominica rainforest tourism includes trips to waterfalls which can be found deep in the rainforests. These are surrounding by lunch forests and visitors can take relaxing baths. Popular Dominica waterfalls include the Trafalgar Falls and the Emerald Pool. Dominica is a volcanic island and in the forests in the Roseau Valley area many mineral baths and rivers can be found to relax muscles and mind.

To enjoy a true rainforest experience visitors are encouraged to stay at one of Dominica’s rainforest accommodations. There are many eco lodges on the island which provide great accommodation in tree houses, cabins and lodges where friendly staff takes extremely good care of guests. A trip to the nature island of Dominica will certainly be worth the time and effort and everyone will be guaranteed to have the vacation of a lifetime!