Rainforest Tourism

Rainforest tourism refers to the use of the rainforest as a tourist attraction. This type of tourism has been developing over the years and as persons are more aware of global warming rain forests and rainforest tourism has gain much importance. There are many countries in the world who promote rain forest tourism including the Caribbean countries of Dominica and St Lucia, Australia, New Zealand, Belize, Brazil, Guyana, Costa Rica and a few other countries in the world. Rainforest tourism is also referred to as eco tourism or sustainable tourism.

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Rain forest tourism is very important to some countries and has made significant contributions to the economies of these countries. Rain forest tourism employs vast numbers of locals who working directly with visitors providing the services of tour guides and accommodations as well as in the local craft industry and food industry. Countries which have well developed rain forest tourism programs make it possible for their countries to become well known by persons who otherwise not visit.

The days when tourism was and vacations were limited to the beach and a modern resort are long gone. Today adventure vacations are making their mark and rain forest tourism provides lots of adventure for the persons enjoy a nontraditional vacation. Many rainforest adventures and tours are now available for tourists. Of the many rainforest adventures available zip lining and aerial trams have become very popular. Countries which offer this rain forest adventures includes St Lucia, Costa Rica, Dominica and many others. Hikes through rain forests too have increased with visits to rainforest features such as rives, waterfalls and caves. River bathing is offered as part of rain forest tours in many countries. Bird watching is also an important feature of rain forest tourism in many parts. Countries with rivers running through rainforests also offer river cruises, this is very popular in the Amazon.

As a result of an increase in rain forest tourism the number of hotels and other types of accommodations in the rain forests has increased. Rain forest accommodations are built with extreme care as to not disturb the forests. Most rain forest accommodations have come up with the ways and means to provide much needed accommodations whilst preserving the rain forests. Most eco tourism lodges and hotels built near and in rain forests these days use sustainable energy sources such as the sun and rivers to provide power and also engage in very eco friendly means of garbage disposal. Rain forest accommodations also provide tour packages for guests as well as great meals. Since most rain forest accommodations are located deep in the rain forests amenities such as television and internet as not always readily available, this makes for the perfect retreat from the hustle of modern living.

Rain forest tourism provides educational and recreational retreats for guests who feel the need to indulge themselves in nature. Rain forest tourism is a trend which will be around for quite some time as more and more persons are made aware of the rain forest and its benefits to human life.